Ways in Which A Visitor Management System Can Lower the Growth Rate of Covid-19

With a drastic increase in the rate of COVID-19, all the educational institutions worldwide, most schools are confronting major problems in safeguarding their students as well as staff members. In the U.S. majority of schools have been closed but a handful of them are still open. However, out of the many closed schools, several schools are open to visitors and staff members but not the children. Hence, all the schools must follow preventative measures to avoid getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. In this article, there are a few steps by which a visitor management system lessens the chances of becoming vulnerable to this highly contagious disease. The steps are mentioned below: 

 visitor management system
  • It makes people aware of this infectious disease 

There are still a lot of people who are don’t have the proper knowledge about how Covid-19 and how it spreads. So we need to make more and more people aware of how this deadly virus can make its way from one person to the other. A record has to be maintained where every person visiting the school should enter his details such as contact information and purpose of the visit. We should promote the importance of wearing face masks as well as using hand sanitizers amongst people and ensure that nobody can have access to the school building without wearing a face mask or a face shield.

  • Restricts attendees showing similar symptoms 

We should personalize the entry mechanism in schools. This includes asking a few questions to the visitors regarding their health, travel history, and how exposed they are to Covid-19. By getting answers to these questions we can keep a better record of all the visitors and the probable chances of them being diseased. Some important questions that are enlisted by the visitor management system and are supposed to be asked to the visitors are as follows: 

visitor management system
  1. Are they having any national or international travel record of the past 30 days?
  2. Are they showing any possible symptoms of Covid-19 such a high temperature, sore throat, or breathing problems?
  3. Have they been in close contact with anyone suffering from this disease? 
  4. Have they recently travelled to any highly warned zone? 
  • Lessens the panic among people 

Visitors get tagged once they are screened for Covid-19. The tags by visitor management system incorporate particular details of the visitors such as their photograph, residence, and the activities they are engaged in. Although there is a major difference between making people aware and creating panic among them. We always have to make sure that we are in no way letting a trepidation happen as that can be even more dangerous than the disease itself.

Children at school undoubtedly need a high level of protection. Henceforth, some of the basic advantages of A Visitor Management System put above can be fruitful for us in preventing the spread of this deadly virus and saving our children at school.